Covid 19 – Info



Protecting all customers, partners and employees is a top priority for Katana Digital. Protecting our employees from the effects of a pandemic is at the heart of our concerns. It is also important for us to support our customers in their fight against the spread of the epidemic within their premises.

Katana has set up an internal working group which takes stock of the situation daily in order to monitor compliance with the OFSP recommendations, plan the scenarios to be implemented according to the evolution of the epidemic.

The working group is made up of the CEO (Sid Apaydin), the administrative and financial director (Martin Pfeifle) and the operational director (Michel Robin).



Strict compliance with Swiss Federal Council measures:

  • The working group provides advice on a daily basis and implements measures which are constantly adapted by the OFSP from day to day
  • Thorough washing and disinfection of hands


  • Hand washing is mandatory when entering and leaving the office and regularly throughout the day
  • The door handles are disinfected in the morning, at noon and in the evening


  • Emptied containers are systematically disinfected before returning them to the customer
  • The drivers have at their disposal hydroalcoholic solutions that must be used following contact with people

"Social Distance":

  • Employees are required to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other and to occupy only one in two workstations
  • Drivers are not allowed to meet for lunch or coffee. Teams should not come into contact with each other to avoid cross contamination
  • Drivers should not pass through the office without prior approval from one of the members of the working group
  • It is no longer allowed to take breaks with others in the kitchen and smoking areas of the office
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or the crook of the arm
  • Stay home if you have a fever or cough: People with symptoms of any kind (including a mild cold, headache, indisposition) are not allowed into the office - they are reported periodically and inform our HR team of any suspicion
  • Avoid shaking hands: it is no longer allowed to shake hands or kiss with colleagues or with customers and suppliers
  • No organization or participation in events of more than 200 people: During working hours, employees are not allowed to participate in events where more than 200 people meet. Participation in such private events must be reported, after which the working group can decide whether a work-from-home measure should apply to the employee for the next 14 days. Small events can be organized at the request of customers and with appropriate safeguards, participation in these events by Katana staff can only be done after approval by the working group


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