data erasure

Data erasure, an essential vector for the reuse of IT equipment, represents a strategic opportunity to promote recycling and restrict the generation of digital waste in complete safety. In 2023, in a resolutely environmentally-friendly approach, Katana Digital, a pioneer in the implementation of this innovative process, is launching its exclusive data erasure service.

What is data erasure ?

Data erasure refers to the digital process of completely rewriting data stored on a digital medium. 

The aim of this initiative is to definitively and efficiently eliminate all data, paving the way for its optimal reuse. Using highly certified Blancco software, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, our wiping algorithm accesses the most specific areas of the data carrier and erases all its data. In this way, Katana Digital offers an unrivalled guarantee of security, thanks to secure wiping that complies with the most advanced standards. A decisive step towards responsible, sustainable management of IT resources.

Katana Digital erasure process

Support for your hard drives directly on site
Each support is scanned to provide you a total traceability
3. Erasure destruction
100% secure diagnosis, erasure and destruction
4. Report and Certification
You will receive an intervention report and an erasure certificate

When should you delete your computer data?

If you're selling or giving away your old hardware, have the data erased first. You can then transfer the equipment to the new owner with complete peace of mind.
A laptop or PC is reused by another employee. Have the data erased first, then hand over the cleaned device to the new user.
Many foundations need digital equipment for their work or to donate to people in need. Make a social impact by donating your computers after deleting all their information.

Our standards

For our data wiping, we use the procedures recommended by the IEEE. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world's largest professional association dedicated to technological innovation. It is a leading developer of international standards for products and services in the fields of telecommunications, information technology and power generation.

The IEEE 2883-2022 standard is the most secure standard for data erasure. Implemented in 2022, it takes over the indications of the NIST 800-88 standard (implementation: 2014) and deals with new technologies developed since then.

The Blancco software

Blancco Technology group is the world leader in secure, compliant and automated data erasure solutions. Endorsed, recommended and certified worldwide by senior management and industry bodies, Blancco is the global standard for IT lifecycle management.


3.5-inch hard drives, server hard drives
Small hard drives SSD type, 2.5"
SD Cards
Small storage cards SD or micro SD type
Ipad, all types of touchscreen tablets
Mobile phones of all brands with or without SIM card


When erasing, 5-10% of devices experience a system error that causes the process to fail. The reasons for an error are varied. The device may be too damaged for rewriting, the algorithm may be too sophisticated for the disk's capabilities, or a computer error may have occurred during erasure. We offer a range of support options for these devices to ensure that the information they contain is destroyed, while maximizing your chances of reusing it.

OS reinstallation

After wiping, devices no longer have an operating system. The user only has access to the motherboard BIOS. We propose to install an operating system on your computers/servers and format your hard disks so that they can be used immediately after erasing.